alpha bravo creations inc.

Our product ideas stem from a combination of my own childhood as well as my experience raising my own children.  I grew up in a military family and things were always done a little differently around our house.  Waking up for school was always at "oh six hundred hours" not 6:00 AM.  My father answered all yes or no questions with "affirmative" and "negative".  It never seemed strange to me until we lived off-base during his final station assignment and I realized the rest of the world did speak that way.

I always thought the Military Phonetic Alphabet was cool growing up and now having my own kids I wanted them to learn it early on. I designed a few sets of flash cards for my kids and after sharing the idea with friends, I found that other people wanted these types of flash cards if for no other reason than their practical application.  This is also referred to as the NATO phonetic alphabet as it it is used in all NATO militaries.  It is also the universal alphabet used for pilots, boat captains, HAM radio operators, and anyone else communicating over radio or phone.   

Alpha Bravo Creations will be bringing a variety unique educational products aimed towards children but practical enough for adults.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we have."

- Founder, Buck H.

Creating smart products for smart kids.